Style not “Stylized”

Throughout the years, we have been asked to share our photographs with some of the most prestigious wedding magazines and blogs.  It is always a compliment to have our images selected for publication. 

Recently, we were flattered to have one of our articles published nationally in the highly regarded Inside Weddings magazine.  Our article can be found on newsstands in the current Winter 2014 issue. 

Below is an excerpt from our article “Finding Your Best-Fit Wedding Photographer”:

 Style not “Stylized”

 “Once you have narrowed your search based on a photographer’s experience and proficiency with your type of wedding, you’ll want to connect with their style. To discover a photographer’s artistic approach, face-to-face meetings are extremely valuable. Meeting with photographers in person will give you the opportunity to review their portfolios of real-wedding albums. Beware of the popular “stylized wedding shoots”, which feature models portraying brides and grooms, as they can be vastly different from real-wedding day photographs. After all, most couples don’t have six hours to pose for photos on the day they marry. Actual wedding photographs, taken with real-life time restraints, will lend a better idea of which photographer meets your artistic vision.”


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We feel fortunate to live and work in the beautiful, Chicago neighborhood of Logan Square, among many talented artists and entrepreneurs. We believe in the beauty of blending historic with modern. Built in 1916, our European style live-work building, is land-marked by the city of Chicago, full of character and modern style. It is a dream come true to have a charming studio, surrounded by beautiful boulevards, as the foundation of our creative endeavors.

"It is a pleasure to get to know our couples, become part of their inner circle, understand their connections, and hone in on what matters most. Every celebration has its own personality, vibe and feeling. To interpret and translate the feeling, love and joy, we look for the split-second glances, tender touches, belly laughs and genuine smiles. Emotionally connected, we sense magical moments; one must first feel, and then see to be able to interpret. This is the foundation of our creative process."

"Inspired by all art forms: paintings, architecture, fashion, cinema, music and food, we incorporate our sensibilities into everything we do. Blending emotional imagery with a modern and elegant viewpoint is how we tell very personal stories in a nuanced way. We do this so that you may savor your celebration, long after it ends, and remember those feelings forever. It would be our privilege to interpret your unique story."

Heather KingenSmith