Chicago Renaissance: Part 1

Dear Chicago,

A quick love note. Thank you for being world-class and modest. We thought it was time to brag on you a bit after your fabulous start to spring! It is hard to believe this all just happened:

Draft Day returned to Chicago after 51 years and was a huge success! This past weekend, over 200,000 fans enjoyed Draft Town and Chicago exceeded the NFL’s expectations.

...The James Beard Awards Gala was held in Chicago on Monday night. This was the first time the prestigious gala was held outside of NYC.

…Chicagoan Donnie Madia, of One Off Hospitality Group, took home the James Beard Award for Outstanding Restaurateur! If anyone has ever had the pleasure of dining at Blackbird, Avec, The Publican or Big Star they have dined at one of Donnie’s restaurants. Donnie’s group also received the well-earned award for Outstanding Bar Program at The Violet Hour.

 …The University of Chicago was announced to be the future home of the Barack Obama Presidential Library and Museum.

  …Tulips popped up all over The Garden City and we enjoyed the most delightful weekend!

Sweet Home Chicago, we love ya!


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We feel fortunate to live and work in the beautiful, Chicago neighborhood of Logan Square, among many talented artists and entrepreneurs. We believe in the beauty of blending historic with modern. Built in 1916, our European style live-work building, is land-marked by the city of Chicago, full of character and modern style. It is a dream come true to have a charming studio, surrounded by beautiful boulevards, as the foundation of our creative endeavors.

"It is a pleasure to get to know our couples, become part of their inner circle, understand their connections, and hone in on what matters most. Every celebration has its own personality, vibe and feeling. To interpret and translate the feeling, love and joy, we look for the split-second glances, tender touches, belly laughs and genuine smiles. Emotionally connected, we sense magical moments; one must first feel, and then see to be able to interpret. This is the foundation of our creative process."

"Inspired by all art forms: paintings, architecture, fashion, cinema, music and food, we incorporate our sensibilities into everything we do. Blending emotional imagery with a modern and elegant viewpoint is how we tell very personal stories in a nuanced way. We do this so that you may savor your celebration, long after it ends, and remember those feelings forever. It would be our privilege to interpret your unique story."

Heather KingenSmith